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Faith, Hope and Enmity
OIl on Canvas, 168 x 122 cm 

Truth and Virtue 
Oil on Canvas, 245 x 178 cm

51. Avarice.jpg

Avarice Oil and Mixed-media
on canvas, 120 x 120 cm


Oil on Canvas, 108 x 131 cm. 

The Betrayal of Lady Wisdom
Oil on Canvas,122 x 175 cm

83b.August Moon 00.jpg

August Moon,
Ink drawing 28 x 35 cm. of Daumier 99 copy.jpg

Study of Daumier
Ink on paper. 35 x 28 cm of Bosch-Carrying of the Cross 99.jpg

Study of Bosch characterizations.
Ink on paper, 35 x 28 cm

76.Adaption from Caravaggio and Daumier 99.jpg

Sketch for Betrayal of Lady Wisdom Ink on Paper, 28 x 35 cm

Third Class to Manly
Ink and oil on paper. 92 x 118 cm

Reserve Price,
Oil on Canvas, 122 x 168 cm

54.Celtic Dichotomy.jpg

Celtic Dichotomy   
Oil on Canvas, 122 x 168 cm

Dress Circle II_Cliffe.jpg

Dress Circle.           Oil on Canvas.243.5 x 143 cm. 2001-2007.

Photographic Documentation by Graeme Weinand: and Terry Darcy.


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