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Sunday Hit & Miss 
Oil on canvas, 122 x 92 cm 

Whysteria in St Germain

Whysteria in St Germain
Oil on Canvas, 1213 x 168 cm 

Oil on Canvas, 113 x 138 cm

Premature Appeal
122 x 177 cm, Oil on Canvas

The Romantic
Oil on Canvas, 102 x 61 cm

Sex and The Circus
Oil on Canvas, 158 x 105 cm

Dance Marathon 
Ink, Pastel, Oil on Canvas 80 x100 cm

Sex and The Sideshow
Ink, Pastel and Oil on
paper, 100 x 80 cm

Whysteria   SOLD
Ink, Pastel, oil on paper, 80 x 100 cm


Sale of The Century 
Oil on Canvas, 91 x 61 cm

Dance Party 
158 x 105 cm, Oil on Canvas

Ink, Pastel, Oil on canvas.100 x 80 cm

Lady Emmy-Lou's Investiture
Oil on Canvas, 122 x 91 cm

Nothing Personal 
Ink, pastel, oil on canvas, 90 x 110 cm

Crowding the Tail
214 x 138 cm, Oil on Canvas

Mcquarie Street Folies 
Oil on Canvas, 122 x 92 cm

Harry's Aversion to Chicken 
Oil on Canvas, 123 x 92 cm

Fleet Street Into The Breech
Oil on Linen, 92 x 122 cm


All Photo Documentation by Graham Weinand

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