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2.Glastonbury Stage final iii.jpg

Glastonbury Abbey Study [After Arnald]

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 2019. 

Gallery 188, Katoomba

BMCAN Art Is The Reason Show.

February-March 2019. 39.5(h) x 50 (w) cm

DORSET SNOW FINAL 2021 Art Lovers.jpg

SOLD privately
Devon Snow . OIl on Linen, 2020
61 x 61 cm 

Loutherbergs Rhine final after Loutherbourg FINAL.jpg

Study of de Loutherbourg's
"The Rhine"
Oil on Stretched LInen, 2018

February-March 2019. 30 x 30 cm

33.Luxembourg June 22 ii.jpg

Luxembourg 1982. OIl on Linen, 2022. 
84.5 x 102 cm.

SOLD on        Prinsengracht 1982
OIl on Stretched Linen 2020
Highly Commended The Maritime Art Prize, Mission to Seafarers. 

31.Avebury 30 x30 Final.jpg

Avebury. Oil on Linen.        30 x 30 cm, 2021

21.Six Foot Track at The Cox's River Final.jpg

Six Foot Track at The Cox's River. 
Oil on Stretched Linen. 2019.

Strayed Sheep after Hunt.jpg

SOLD privately.
Strayed Sheep [after Hunt 1852].
Oil on Linen. 2018. 


1.Pilatus Descending Layer 8 ii Bluethumb.jpg

Pilatus Descending.

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 2018. 

45.5(h) x 61(w) cm

39.Down The Creek_2022_OilonPaper ii.jpg

The Creek, Oil on primed Watercolour paper. 30 x 42 cm, 2022. 

17a.Shipwrecking FINAL COMP 2022 Oilonlinen.jpg

Oil on Stretched Linen. 2021.
Selected Maritime Art Prize 2021. 


Avoca, Oil on primed watercolour paper. 26.5 x 42 cm. 2022

37.Fires_2022_Oil on Primed Watercolour Paper ii.jpg

Winmalee Fires. Oil on primed watercolour paper. 30 x 42 cm. 

41.Lamington Lizard_Oil on Linen_Cliffe_30x30cm 2.jpg

Lamington Lizard. Oil on linen. 30 x 30 cm, 2023

August Winds_Cliffe.jpg

August Winds. 2022. Oil on primed watercolour paper. 


Photographic Documentation by Greg Cliffe.

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