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Glastonbury Stage final ii.jpg

Glastonbury Abbey Study [After Arnald]

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 2019. 

Gallery 188, Katoomba

BMCAN Art Is The Reason Show.

February-March 2019. 39.5(h) x 50 (w) cm

SOLD. Dorset Snow 2021 FINAL.jpg

SOLD privately
Devon Snow . OIl on Linen, 2020
61 x 61 cm 

Loutherbergs Rhine Stage 3.jpg

Study of de Loutherbourg's
"The Rhine"
Oil on Stretched LInen, 2018

February-March 2019. 30 x 30 cm

Prinsengracht x.jpg

SOLD on        Prinsengracht 1982
OIl on Stretched Linen 2020
Highly Commended The Maritime Art Prize, Mission to Seafarers. 

9.Avebury 30x30 i.jpg
1b.Luxembourg June 22.jpg

Luxembourg 1982. OIl on Linen, 2022. 
84.5 x 102 cm.

Avebury. Oil on Linen.        30 x 30 cm, 2021

1.Six Foot Track at The Cox's River.jpg

Six Foot Track at The Cox's River. 
Oil on Stretched Linen. 2019.

Strayed Sheep after Hunt.jpg

SOLD privately.
Strayed Sheep [after Hunt 1852].
Oil on Linen. 2018. 


Pilatus Descending Layer 8.jpg

Pilatus Descending.

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 2018. 

45.5(h) x 61(w) cm

21c.Down the Creek 1989.jpg

The Creek, Oil on primed Watercolour paper. 30 x 42 cm, 2022. 


Oil on Stretched Linen. 2021.
Selected Maritime Art Prize 2021. 

Avoca_GregCliffe_2022_Oilonoilprimedwatercolourpaper 2mb.jpg

Avoca, Oil on primed watercolour paper. 26.5 x 42 cm. 2022

Winmalee Fires_2022_Oil on Primed Watercolour Paper 2mb_Cliffe.jpg

Winmalee Fires. Oil on primed watercolour paper. 30 x 42 cm. 

Border Track_2022_     Oilonprimedwatercolourpaper_Cliffe 2mb.jpg

Border Track. Oil on primed watercolour paper. 30 x 42 cm, 2022

August Winds_OilonPaper_2022.jpg

August Winds. 2022. Oil on primed watercolour paper. 

Photographic Documentation by Greg Cliffe.

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